Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Intensive Out-Patient Treatment Program (IOP) & Out-Patient Treatment Program (OP)

Outpatient treatment simply means receiving care while still living in the community. It involves coming to our location for services and to receive that care. Regular OP vs Intensive OP refers to the intensity and frequency of those visits as well as the length of time treatment will last. This is referred to as “level of care” and is determined by the assessment and diagnosis.

Treatment generally lasts between 3-9 months and is completely contingent on induvial progress and completion of treatment plan goals mutually created by the client and counselor. Clients can expect to be in treatment multiple times a week ranging from 5-19 hours weekly depending on the individual’s level of care and need. Below is a copy of True Norths Group Schedule:

Peer Support and Recovery Support

Peer support is like a personal trainer for your recovery and is a vital component of True North Recovery’s services. Peer Support or “Recovery Coaching” is provided by a person with lived experience in recovery, that can walk with you through the early stages of recovery. Peer support helps you connect to the recovery community and helps you implement what you are learning in your treatment groups. Every peer support with True North Recovery has personal experience with addiction they can show you firsthand how they were able to walk out of addiction into a life of recovery. What you can expect from you Peers at True North is: One-on-one or family activities designed to facilitate a smooth transition from an institutional setting to the community. Assisting you or your family in regaining balance and control of your life. Enhancing your community living skills and Supporting a self-directed recovery and independence. Peers will also assist you with connecting to the recovery community, housing education employment and accomplishing your goals identified on your treatment plan and case management needs assessment.

Sober Living

We have 3 sober living homes for a total of 24 bed in Wasilla. A stable living environment that provides a substance free home is crucial in early recovery. All members living in our sober living homes are actively participating in treatment and utilizing peer support and case management to increasing their overall quality of life. There is no minimum or maximum length of stay. We have dedicated an entire section of our page to our sober living recovery residence. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION LINK TO SOBER LIVING PAGE)

Intensive Case Management

Case Management is a service that works on your behalf both with you and for you. First, we complete a Case Management Needs assessment, this tool was created by True North to help identify 42 quality of life domains. During the assessment we will discuss and create specific target goals that will increase your quality of life. These goals are different from your treatment plan goals because they are non-treatment, meaning goals could be- get a driver’s license, secure housing, complete OCS or ASAP requirements etc.

We will Coordinate with referral sources, involved family members, community agencies and other treatment providers to provide the best treatment and case management options for individual participants. Intensive case management assists clients in identification their most critical needs through the ongoing utilization of the Case Management Needs Assessment. The findings of these assessments also assist your peer support team in providing individualized assistance throughout the course of treatment with True North Recovery.

Tx of Co-Occurring Disorders

We want to help you root out the underlying causes of your addiction. At True North we can combine and Integrate mental health and substance abuse interventions to aid you in addressing the symptoms of any mental health or behavioral health issues in your life. Integrated treatment means the same clinician or team of clinicians working in one setting provide appropriate mental health and substance abuse interventions in a coordinated fashion.

Continuing Care

True North provides an option for transitioning individuals to continue treatment following completion of outpatient or residential treatment programs while ensuring that the individual has the support needed to build upon the progress they have already made. This program is optional and tailored to the individual’s needs and gives them the best possible chance of not relapsing once treatment has come to an end.

Mental Health Assessment and Dx

True North will partner with you to facilitate effective, functioning, and consistent evidence-based practices to determine the possible need for additional services and mental health diagnosis utilizing DSM-5 criteria. At True North Master’s level clinicians utilize standardized screening tools and integrated behavioral health assessments to assist in determining level of care, diagnosis and treatment or referral for services.

Individualized Mental Health Therapy

At True North we want to create a therapeutic alliance between our mental health clinicians and you to address collaboratively identified problems and goals related to your mental health condition, history, and present circumstances using psychotherapy in group and individual sessions.

Tele-Health Assessments and Tx

True North Provides Substance use and mental health assessments and treatment telephonically or through secure video to clients who either live in remote areas of Alaska or who are limited in their abilities to participate in person. True North is also developing the ability to attend groups and induvial sessions through telehealth so you can attend treatment from anywhere in Alaska using your computer or smartphone. To access our telehealth portal please click this link TELEHEALTH PORTAL

Wrap Around Care Coordination (Partnerships and Referrals)

At True North we represent recovery and all your options. We can serve you best by continually establishing, developing, and nurturing community relationships to best meet your needs. It is TNR policy to utilize partnerships with other agencies in the community to ensure client-centered placement in a program that suits the pathway of recovery of your choosing.

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