FAQ’s About Our Substance Abuse Treatment

How can I get into your program?

Your first step is to call or walk in. we are ready to serve you and do not believe in a waitlist. Generally, the first step to engaging in treatment is to get an assessment. If you have had an assessment in the last six months we may be able to use some or all of that information to develop a treatment plan with you so you can begin treatment.  Come into our office at 591 S. Knik Goose Bay Rd or give us a call at 907.313.1333 and we can walk you through the process.

Do you provide Residential care?

Not currently; however, we do have sober living houses in addition to our intensive outpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services, in combination with peer support and case management.

How much do assessments cost?

Assessments are covered by Medicaid and all major insurances. If you are without insurance, we will work with you, on a case by case basis, using a sliding fee scale.

What is the difference between treatment and the housing option and residential treatment?

Residential treatment programs require you to be in their program and you are provided limited access to the community while enrolled. Our housing program does have curfew hours, but you are not required to stay at the home all day. This type of program allows you to be in treatment with us or one of the other outpatient treatment programs in the valley, while also obtaining and maintaining employment and or attending school. Our housing provides the security of residential with the freedom of outpatient.

Do you do bed to bed transfers, and/or E.M. (Electronic Monitoring)?

True North Recovery works closely with inpatient programs, detox and the hospital to provide a seamless transition between services. We can oversee E.M. in our housing and coordinate with probation and parole officers. If your E.M. requires a telephone line, you would be required to pay hook up and pay for that services separately.

Is True North recognized by ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Program) and OCS (Office of Child Services)?

True North works closely with ASAP (Alcohol Safety Action Program), OCS (Office of Child Services) and the Therapeutic Courts to provide the best coordination of care for our participants. We want to help advocate for you during your time within these programs as well as provide peer support and case managers to ensure that you are adhering to the requirements of these affiliates.

Can you be on MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment), while participating in your program?

Yes, we believe there are many pathways to recovery, including MAT (Medically Assisted Treatment). We would love to customize a treatment plan that works best for you.

How long are your treatment options?

We believe that everyone’s treatment program looks different, and the length of time fully depends on you and your wiliness to maintain recovery and work on your custom treatment plan to completion.

If I’m in your housing program, will I be able to go on vacations?

Our housing program does have some limitations regarding overnight requests during the first phase; however, we fully support reconnecting to family and loved ones and will work with you to ensure those connections are not limited due to our housing program. 

Can couples participate in treatment at the same time, as well as in your transitional living?

Couples are welcome to participate in transitional housing; however, they are not housed in the same building. We have a wide variety of group sessions and times which ensures everyone is provided a safe space for processing and allows everyone the opportunity to grow within their own recovery program.

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