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This is the first step to your recover journey.

Your first step is to complete the Intake Application. This form must be completed prior to receiving any services at True North Recovery.

How Long Does it Take?
Please prepare to spend 20–45 minutes to complete the intake documents. If completed online, your wait time for walk in assessments and entering treatment will be drastically reduced.

The information gathered from these documents will help our team best assist you, so please be thorough and honest.

Need Help?
If you need assistance you can call our office at 907-313-1333. These documents can also be completed in the office, but processing times may increase.

We are incredibly grateful that you chose True North Recovery Inc. and our team is excited to help you navigate a lasting and meaningful recovery.

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Integrated Behavioral Health Assessments and Diagnosis

An assessment in simplest terms is a professional opinion of what level of care or type of treatment is going to be best for you. Assessments are completed using the American Society of Addiction Medicines (ASAM) placement criteria. Assessors focus on the six ASAM dimensions. The six dimensions of the ASAM Criteria are:

1. Acute Intoxication and/or Withdrawal Potential
2. Biomedical Conditions and Complications
3. Emotional, Behavioral or Cognitive Conditions and Complications
4. Readiness to Change
5. Relapse, Continued Use or Continued Problem Potential
6. Recovery and Living Environment

In ASAM’s multidimensional assessment, the six dimensions are used to summarize a person’s needs, define severity and develop a treatment plan. Clinicians use the dimensions to identify problems, goals and treatment plan objectives. In each of the six dimensions, clinicians assign a risk rating for an individual’s situation. While evaluating current problems, treatment professionals also consider unique skills, strengths and resources that can help each person deal with his or her challenges. On the risk rating scale from 0 to 4, a rating of 0 represents very low risk. On the opposite end, a rating of 4 represents imminent danger or an issue of utmost severity.

Throughout the assessment, clinicians weigh a person’s past experiences – history – against current symptoms – the here and now. The individual’s here-and-now experiences always receive priority. For example, a person who has no withdrawal symptoms after a few days without drugs or alcohol would receive a low-risk rating for acute intoxication and withdrawal potential, even if he or she has a history of severe withdrawal symptoms.

In Alaska all state approved treatment programs require an assessment to be completed prior to being admitted to a program. True North Recovery Inc utilizes industry best practices and offers quality and detailed assessments that are recognized statewide by a full spectrum of providers.

Walk-In Assessments

Our walk-in assessments are available Monday Through Friday. You must be present in our office between the hours of 9:00AM 11:00AM to receive an assessment. We have 4 slots available and are offered on a first come first serve basis. Intake documentation must be fully completed prior to receiving an assessment at True North. This documentation can be filed out online, through the forms tab.